meet our pastors

Pastors Mike & Beth

Mike and Beth Bricker came to Chesaw to retire…or so they thought. Beth served 22 years in the Air Force and Mike served 30 years in the Army National Guard and they looked forward to reading novels, tending their garden and playing with their grandkids until they sensed God tapping on their shoulders and asking them to plant a new church in Chesaw.

They spent the next couple of years preparing themselves for church planting. They attended the nearest Vineyard church in Colville, WA in order to learn about how folks in the Vineyard worship our Lord. Realizing that worship music is very important to the Vineyard, they attended the Vineyard Worship Leaders’ Retreat in Canon Beach, OR. To their surprise and delight, they found that the Worship Leaders’ Retreat was more about seeking His presence than it was about musical techniques. Mike attended Vineyard Institute to seek pastoral training and to deepen his knowledge of scripture. They sought out other opportunities to learn about the Vineyard and attended a number of different Vineyard churches during this time.

Highlands Vineyard Church held its first service February 5 th , 2017 in Mike and Beth’s house. Not long after that they had to switch to a very unfinished space above the Chesaw Mercantile because Spring breakup left the road to their house impossible to drive on. They lovingly called this space “The Upper Room” and it has been the home of Highlands Vineyard Church since.